Portfolio Counseling Packages


Art / Architecture / Design / Wholistic Portfolio Counseling

Senior Package

  • Examination of applicant’s college list and each college’s requirements

  • Evaluation of the applicant’s work or portfolio

  • Assessment of applicant’s strengths, motivations, and needs

  • Recommendations on how to build portfolio content that will correspond to college choices, address weaknesses, and highlight applicant’s strengths, interests, and personality

  • Recommendations for strategies to showcase work and construct a compelling and coherent image sequence

  • Caption/text development and editing

  • Photography of available works (local to Paris only)

  • Digital post-production of images

(Three month counseling package)


Sophomore/Junior Package

This package offers a longer timeline to work on the same content and concept strategy as the Senior Package.

This program is designed specifically for the applicant to guide him/her through a more incremental process of portfolio development and creation over an extended period of time.

Extended Counseling allows for in-depth, extensive advising and meaningful artistic growth assuring an articulated, arresting portfolio.

(Time frame to be determined on a case by case basis.)


  • Art instruction that addresses the specific individual needs of the applicant including critiques, idea generation, and artwork development

  • Development of a tailor-made program of assignments to carry out at home that responds to the lacunas identified in the work of and to the specific sensibilities of the applicant. Finished assignments are critiqued and discussed.

We work internationally! We have found that distance sessions via Skype or other video service provide an excellent platform for our work. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Our fees

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and package pricing.

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